“Mike Masterson: Honoring vets” – AR Dem Gazette

June 29, 2021

The sky was robin’s egg blue peppered with pearl clouds when Sarah Huckabee Sanders breezed in and out of Harrison last week. She’d been invited by veterans groups to address and meet the community’s former military servicemen and women as they dedicated the community’s renovated veterans resource center called Camp Jack.

The expansive auditorium in the historic building with its shiny tile floor echoed with conversations against a lectern framed by 10 flags and the scents of popcorn, coffee, cupcakes and doughnuts. Balloons bearing the stars and stripes floated from tables.

There was standing room only. After all, this was a landmark day for veterans from throughout Boone County and beyond who’d longed for decades to have a spacious place they could gather in fellowship and camaraderie.

One thing Sanders didn’t come for was to push her campaign for governor, which seemed just fine with the 300 or so guests, residents and, of course, the veterans themselves. One man pointed out that two Razorback football seasons still must pass before the next election.

As just the third female and the first mother to serve as a presidential press secretary, the whip-smart 38-year-old graduate of Central High School and Ouachita Baptist University and daughter of former Gov. Mike Huckabee wanted the throng to know how close she feels to those who’ve served our nation in defending its freedoms.

“I really wanted to come and do this today,” she said. “There is no greater representation of the greatness of our nation than its veterans.” It was apparent to me from her comments that her soft spot for older men in veterans caps runs deep and sincere.

“Good people do everything they can to protect the values of our communities, state and country,” she said. “One reason I’m here is to say thank you. This is a special place for special people.” Clad in a fashionable blue dress, Sanders said America is the greatest, most free country the world has ever known, but we could lose that should we lose our love for our foundations as a nation. She said those who have gone before and sacrificed for us with their lives allow us the freedom to pursue our dreams.

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