Sanders Hosts Policy Roundtable With Energy Leaders

June 22, 2022

EL DORADO, AR – Sarah Huckabee Sanders sat down with energy leaders from across Arkansas today as she continues her policy roundtable series focused on empowering Arkansans. The group exchanged ideas on fostering the growth of the energy sector, taking an all-of-the-above approach, and providing reliable, affordable energy to all Arkansans.

“As President Biden continues to destroy our economy with his America-last energy policies and beg other nations for foreign oil, it’s time to unleash the resources we have right here at home,” Sanders said. “As governor, I will enact bold, conservative reforms to create an environment that allows the energy industry to continue to invest and diversify. A strong economy and a reliable, growing energy sector will create opportunity for every Arkansan and help take our state to the top.”

Sanders has hosted roundtables on education, tourism and outdoor recreation, workforce development, economic development, and public safety. She will host roundtables on healthcare and infrastructure, among other topics, in the coming months.