Sanders Launches New TV Ad: “Rip Off”

September 21, 2022

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Sarah Huckabee Sanders today released a new TV ad, “Rip Off,” that will begin airing statewide as part of her previously announced $3.5 million paid media campaign through Election Day. 
The ad, which features Sanders’ youngest son George, explains how President Joe Biden’s inflation is a pay cut for all Arkansans — “a rip off,” according to George. Sanders says that when she is governor, she will lower taxes to give the people of Arkansas a pay raise. 
Click here to watch the ad.
“Rip Off” (:30)
Scene: George Sanders performs household chores.
George Sanders: “I have to do all of the work around here.”
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Great job, George.”
Scene: George runs to the grocery store to spend the money he made doing chores.
Scene: George attempts to buy his item at the checkout line.
Store Clerk: “Not enough.”
George Sanders: “What.”
Store Clerk: “Taxes! Inflation! Don’t you know this is the Biden economy?”
George Sanders: “What a rip off.”
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Biden’s inflation is a pay cut for every Arkansan. As governor, I’ll lower your taxes to give you a pay raise.”
George Sanders: “Sarah for Governor.”