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101 Arkansas Legislators Endorse Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor

November 18, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR  One hundred and one Arkansas legislators – including all 26 Senate Republicans and 75 House Republicans – endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders for governor today. 
“The Senate Republican Caucus – including all 26 Republican senators – is proud to endorse our next governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” Senate Majority Leader Scott Flippo said. “Arkansas needs a strong conservative leader to bring bold changes to our state. Sarah is the leader we need, and we look forward to partnering with her to deliver lower taxes, more educational opportunities, and higher paying jobs across our state.”

Seventy-five Arkansas House Republicans joined the Senate Caucus in endorsing Sanders for governor. 
“The Republican House Caucus is excited about the bold, conservative leadership that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will bring to the governor’s office in 2023,” House Majority Leader Austin McCollum said. “We are looking forward to working side-by-side with her to lower our tax burden, improve education, and fight for Arkansas values as we push back against the radical leftist policies coming out of Washington, D.C. We are proud to endorse Sarah for governor.”
“I’m honored to have the support of so many Republican lawmakers who are standing with me to make my bold vision for Arkansas a reality for our people,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “As governor, I look forward to working together as we power our state forward by lowering taxes, growing our economy and creating jobs, and increasing access to quality education.”
Sarah Huckabee Sanders has also been endorsed by U.S. Senator John Boozman, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, Governor Asa Hutchinson, U.S. Representative Rick Crawford, U.S. Representative Steve Womack, U.S. Representative French Hill, U.S. Representative Bruce Westerman, and Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin.
Senate Republicans:
Sen. Bob Ballinger
Sen. Charles Beckham
Sen. Cecile Bledsoe
Sen. Ron Caldwell
Sen. Alan Clark
Sen. Breanne Davis
Sen. Jonathan Dismang
Sen. Jane English
Sen. Scott Flippo 
Sen. Trent Garner
Sen. Ben Gilmore
Sen. Kim Hammer
Sen. Bart Hester
President Pro Tem Jimmy Hickey 
Sen. Ricky Hill 
Sen. Missy Irvin
Sen. Mark Johnson
Sen. Blake Johnson
Sen. Mathew Pitsch
Sen. Jason Rapert 
Sen. Terry Rice
Sen. Bill Sample
Sen. Gary Stubblefield
Sen. James Sturch 
Sen. Dan Sullivan 
Sen. Dave Wallace 
House Republicans:
Rep. Sonia Barker
Rep. Howard Beaty
Rep. Rick Beck 
Rep. Mary Bentley
Rep. Mark Berry 
Rep. Stan Berry
Rep. Justin Boyd
Rep. Ken Bragg
Rep. Harlan Breaux
Rep. Keith Brooks
Rep. Karilyn Brown
Rep. Joshua Bryant
Rep. John Carr
Rep. Frances Cavenaugh
Rep. Craig Christiansen
Rep. Joe Cloud
Rep. Bruce Coleman
Rep. Cameron Cooper
Rep. Bruce Cozart 
Rep. Cindy Crawford 
Rep. Carol Dalby
Rep. Marsh Davis 
Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
Rep. Jim Dotson
Rep. Les Eaves
Rep. Jon Eubanks
Rep. Brian Evans
Rep. Lanny Fite
Rep. Charlene Fite
Rep. Jack Fortner
Rep. Tony Furman
Rep. Jimmy Gazaway 
Rep. Justin Gonzales
Rep. Michelle Gray
Rep. Delia Haak
Rep. Spencer Hawks
Rep. David Hillman 
Rep. Mike Holcomb 
Rep. Steve Hollowell 
Rep. Lane Jean
Rep. Joe Jett
Rep. Lee Johnson
Rep. Jack Ladyman
Rep. Robin Lundstrum
Rep. Roger Lynch 
Rep. John Maddox
Rep. Julie Mayberry 
Rep. Rick McClure
Rep. Austin McCollum 
Rep. Mark McElroy 
Rep. Richard McGrew
Rep. Ron McNair 
Rep. Stephen Meeks
Rep. Josh Miller 
Rep. Jon Milligan 
Rep. John Payton
Rep. Clint Penzo 
Rep. Aaron Pilkington
Rep. David Ray 
Rep. Marcus Richmond
Rep. Johnny Rye 
Speaker Matthew Shepherd
Rep. Keith Slape 
Rep. Stu Smith 
Rep. Nelda Speaks
Rep. David Tollett 
Rep. Dwight Tosh 
Rep. Kendon Underwood 
Rep. DeAnn Vaught 
Rep. Jeff Wardlaw 
Rep. Les Warren
Rep. Danny Watson
Rep. Carlton Wing
Rep. Richard Womack 
Rep. Jim Wooten 


All Four Arkansas U.S. Representatives Endorse Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor

November 12, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR — All four U.S. representatives from Arkansas – Rep. Rick Crawford, Rep. French Hill, Rep. Bruce Westerman, and Rep. Steve Womack – endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders for governor of Arkansas today, forming unanimous support from the Arkansas federal delegation. U.S. Senators John Boozman and Tom Cotton endorsed Sanders for governor earlier this week.

In a joint statement, they said: “We are proud to endorse Sarah Huckabee Sanders for governor of Arkansas.  We know she is the right leader for our state, and it is time for Republicans to come together so we can move forward in our fight for a stronger Arkansas and a stronger America.”

“I’m grateful for the support of the entire Arkansas congressional delegation as they stand with me in the fight for freedom,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “I look forward to working together as we unleash our state’s fullest potential, making Arkansas the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Endorses Tim Griffin for Attorney General

November 12, 2021

Griffin has also endorsed Sanders for governor

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Sarah Huckabee Sanders endorsed Tim Griffin for attorney general of Arkansas today. Griffin has also endorsed Sanders for governor.

“I am thankful to have my friend Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin standing with me,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “Tim has been a great leader for the people of our state and will be an incredible attorney general. I look forward to working closely with him to move Arkansas forward.”

Earlier today, Griffin endorsed Sanders for governor, releasing this statement:

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders has distinguished herself as a tough, principled leader with a big heart and bold vision for the future of Arkansas,” Griffin said. “I have known Sarah for many years, and I look forward to working with her as the next Governor of Arkansas. I am excited to endorse her: she has my complete and total support.”


Governor Asa Hutchinson Endorses Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor

November 12, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Governor Asa Hutchinson endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor of Arkansas today. 

In a statement, Hutchinson said: “I’ve known Sarah Huckabee Sanders most of her life and know firsthand her love for our state and her heart for public service. Sarah has earned the Republican nomination and I’m delighted today to endorse her for Governor. The state of Arkansas will be in good hands with Sarah as Governor, and she has my full support.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement and full support of Governor Hutchinson. I am thankful for his leadership lowering taxes and laying the foundation for future growth and prosperity. As governor, I will continue his work to lower and phase out the state income tax and unleash bold, conservative reforms that will create opportunity for all Arkansans.”


U.S. Senators Boozman and Cotton Endorse Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor

November 10, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Senator John Boozman and Senator Tom Cotton endorsed Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor of Arkansas today. 

In a joint statement, they said: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a close friend and trusted advisor to each of us. She has served our country and our state, and she will be an outstanding governor who will lead Arkansas to a brighter and more prosperous future. We are thrilled to endorse Sarah and look forward to partnering with her as she works for the people of Arkansas.”

“I am honored to have the support of Senator Boozman and Senator Cotton,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “Their longstanding friendship and trust mean so much to me, and I look forward to working together as we take our state to the top.”


Sarah Huckabee Sanders issues statement on Leslie Rutledge’s exit from Governor’s race

November 9, 2021

Little Rock, AR — Sarah Huckabee Sanders today released the following statement in response to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s announcement that she’ll exit the race for Governor and instead run for Lieutenant Governor:

“I want to thank Leslie Rutledge for her leadership. I look forward to uniting Arkansans behind my vision to grow our economy and create high-paying jobs, increase access to quality education, and deliver bold, conservative reforms that take our state to the top.”


Poll Shows Sanders Leads 73% – 16% in GOP Primary

October 29, 2021

Viewed favorably by 78% of Republicans in Arkansas 

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a commanding 57-point lead in the Arkansas GOP primary and is viewed favorably by 78% of Republicans in the state, a public research study by Remington Research Group concluded.  
“Arkansas is clearly ready for bold, conservative reforms that will take us to the top, and I am grateful for the thousands of Arkansans who stand with me as our campaign continues to gain more and more momentum.” Sanders said.

The campaign recently announced more than $11 million total raised, and county coordinators in all 75 counties across Arkansas. 

Click here to see the full survey results.

(Remington Research Group Oct 25-Oct 26, 2021 n=800 likely 2022 Republican primary voters)

Sarah for Governor Announces 75 County Coordinators

October 21, 2021

Leaders from every county across Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, AR — The Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor campaign has announced coordinators in all 75 counties of Arkansas.
“I am thankful for the tremendous grassroots support across the state, and for leaders in every county who will stand with me in the fight for freedom,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “A strong grassroots team is the backbone of every campaign, and I couldn’t be more honored to have these coordinators by my side as we continue to carry my message of bold reforms and opportunity for all to every corner of our state. Together, we will take Arkansas to the top.” 
“Arkansas needs Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” said Saline County Coordinator Jamol Jones, a small business owner and former law enforcement official. “She is a proven leader who will stand with law enforcement, phase out the state income tax, and fiercely defend our freedom. I am proud to be on Team Sarah and help harness the incredible support she has from so many Arkansans.”

“I am proud to stand with Sarah Huckabee Sanders as we continue to grow her grassroots support across Arkansas,” Chicot County Coordinator Mary Ashleigh Harper said. “I admire her devotion to her core principles of faith, family, and freedom, and I know she will help lead Arkansas to the top. As a mom myself, she is the one I want fighting for my family!”
County Coordinators
Arkansas: George Dunklin
Ashley: Inez Barnes
Baxter: Heather Maxey
Benton: Randy Lawson
Boone: Katie Taylor
Bradley: Wayne Parnell
Calhoun: Libby Coates
Carroll: Ferguson Stewart
Chicot: Mary Ashleigh Harper
Clark: Terry Dewitt
Clay: Senator Blake Johnson
Cleburne: Dennis Rome
Cleveland: Jaime Scallion
Columbia: Beth Anne Rankin
Conway: Glenna Tindall
Craighead: Jerry Halsey
Crawford: Mark Shaffer
Crittenden: Bobbi Dodge
Cross: Vance Lawson
Dallas: Jerel Saeler
Desha: Jamie Sims
Drew: Mike Akin
Faulkner: John Nabholz
Franklin: Leslie Davis
Fulton: Anita Hawkins
Garland: Patrick Ingram
Grant: Representative Ken Bragg
Greene: Todd Gazaway
Hempstead: Dr. Lester Sitzes
Hot Spring: Justice of the Peace Gerald Black
Howard: Bruce Short
Independence: Cody Smith
Izard: Ryan Howard
Jackson: Amanda Reynolds
Jefferson: Jimmy Dill
Johnson: Barry Sellers
Lafayette: Cindy Ross
Lawrence: Representative Fran Cavanaugh
Lee: Nathan Reed
Lincoln: Jonathan Baugh
Little River: Kay York
Logan: Gary & Carolyn Rhinehart
Lonoke: Kevin Tipton
Madison: Michael Harris
Marion: Jessie Jefferson
Miller: County Judge Cathy Harrison
Mississippi: Matt Huckabay
Monroe: Seth Mullinax
Montgomery: Rebeca Morren
Nevada: Myrna Daniel
Newton: Bubba Lloyd
Ouachita: John David Neeley
Perry: Travis Bentley
Phillips: Bryan Grigsby
Pike: Kandy Owens
Poinsett: Ritter Arnold
Polk: Representative John Maddox
Pope: Kris Hunnicutt
Prairie: Dondie Guess
Pulaski: Karen Black
Randolph: Kyle Baltz
Saline: Jamol Jones
Scott: Brent Mays
Searcy: Donald Ragland
Sebastian: Tina LaRoche
Sevier: Vicki Bodine
Sharp: Ethan Barnes
St. Francis: Ken Patterson
Stone: Deborah Cole
Union: John Barker
Van Buren: Dr. Jamie & Carol Beavers
Washington: Joe Donaldson
White: Greg Price
Woodruff: June Simmons
Yell: Kim Noblett

Sarah for Governor Announces Over $11 Million Raised

October 14, 2021

$3.7 million raised from almost 10,000 Arkansans

Little Rock, AR — Sarah Huckabee Sanders will report raising more than $11 million total from more than 76,500 donors, including over $2.1 million in the third quarter of 2021. The campaign has over $7 million cash on hand – more than any Arkansas gubernatorial candidate has raised total in state history.
Sanders has raised more money in Arkansas than all of her other opponents combined, totaling $3.7 million from nearly 10,000 Arkansans. 
“I am grateful for the overwhelming support I have received from every county in our state and every state in our nation,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. “Now more than ever, Arkansas needs a real leader who will take our state to the top with bold reforms, lower taxes, and higher paying jobs to unleash our full potential.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor Launches First TV Ad

September 10, 2021

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor campaign has released its first TV ad, “Who We Are”. The ad will debut tomorrow during the Arkansas vs. Texas football game.

Click here to watch the ad.

The release of this first TV ad comes at the end of the campaign’s 15-stop, weeklong Sarah for Governor Freedom Tour across Arkansas. During the tour, Sarah met with, and answered questions from, thousands of supporters, as well as local media, about important issues facing our great state.

Script: “Who We Are” (:60)

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “I’ll never forget being a student at Little Rock Central High and watching my dad – a Republican governor – and Bill Clinton – a Democrat president – hold open the doors for the Little Rock Nine, doors that forty years earlier had been closed to them because they’re black.

“Good triumphed over evil.

“That is who we are. 

“The radical left wants to teach our kids America is a racist and evil country, but Arkansans are generous, hard-working people.

“I was born and raised here. This is where we chose to raise our family, and I want the same for my three kids as yours: a better life, here in Arkansas.

“We don’t want our kids living under socialism, cancel culture, and big government taking away our freedom.

“As governor, I will defend our freedom and champion good schools, higher paying jobs, and a better life for all.”

Voiceover: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Governor.”